Mazza Holding is gathering a group of Italian and international Companies, the first one established in 1982, enthusiasm, dedication and perseverance being the key factors which have allowed the Group to evolve to the present status of worldwide leader in the fluorobased products business field.

A clear and successful model, in conjunction with the evolution of the Italian entrepreneur spirit, means, Mazza Holding is able to share the business inspiration and the renowned resources of the Italian SME together with the globalized perspective of today’s modern organization.

Mazza Holding is nowadays fully integrated with the international community offering world class production, utilizing the most updated marketing, technological tools and management flair.

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The Real Estate Company of the Group set-up in 2013 to manage and develop the Group estate.
Merged with the existing Group financial and accounting resources, Mazza R.E. is leading not only the Group properties located in the Italian territory, but also the Group properties located in Europe, Far East and USA.

The largest European Company in the field of fluorobased materials processing, leading an international group of companies located in Europe, Asia and USA.

Four laboratories, marketing, specialties production, warehouse and general services, all gathered in the Head Quarters located in the North of Italy.

A unique fully integrated process from the raw materials compounding to semifinished and finished products, according to the highest Quality standard such as ISO 9001-2015 and

Guarniflon S.p.A.

Guarniflon® spin off since 2015, Maflon® S.p.A. is experiencing fast growing success both in the domestic and international markets, by processing high quality fluorochemical products.

Under the motto STATE OF THE ART CHEMICAL TECNOLOGIES FOR A GREEN ENVIRONMENT, Maflon® S.p.A. uses neither Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) nor PFOS intentionally during its manufacturing processes, supporting the underlying goals of REACH, which are consistent with its commitment to promote the responsible manufacturing.

Chemical reactors, R&D team, close relationship and cooperation with Italian Universities and a tailored service towards its customers are some of the key points making the difference between Maflon® S.p.A. and the global competition.

The Fluorochemical specialist for:


Maplus® is the business division of Maflon® S.p.A., taking advantage of the available R&D, know-how and chemical technologies concerning fluorinated products.

The ski wax division was born in 1997 and thanks to synergies with the industrial chemical research, a leading position in term of fluorinated and perfluorinated racing ski waxes in World Cup was reached.

Maplus® is not only race waxing, it’s also an exhaustive choice of ski waxes and tuning accessories split into different lines of products developed to satisfy every skier and snowboarder needs. Maplus® is supporting National Team worldwide and professional skiers in the attempt of world record performances.

The business unit of Guarniflon® S.p.A appointed for the PTFE raw materials compounding.

Born from the quality need to have high grade raw materials to be processed at Guarniflon® S.p.A., Flontech is equipped with the most up –to-date technologies to processes an extremely large numbers of powder grades (low flow, free flow, ram extrusion), with a wide selection of particle sizes and morphologies, based on both inorganic and organic fillers at different percentages and combination..

Beside the standard PTFE filled grades with carbon, graphite, bronze and glass fiber, high tech PTFE compounds filled with the following materials are daily processed: PPS, alumina, calcium fluoride, PEEK, quartz, spherical glass, polyimide, carbon fiber, molybdenum disulphide, LCP, etc.

PTFE lubricant powders, reprocessed techno-polymers like PEEK and fluoropolymers like PFA, FEP, PCTFE, PVDF etc.. are also available from Flontech

PATI® is a company specialized in the production of thermoplastic films since 1962 and acquired by Guarniflon® S.p.a. on 2016.

The products, some of which are patented, have a wide application in agriculture as well as in many industry sectors, at the highest technological level, according to the ISO 9001 certified quality system.

The production facilities are located in San Zenone degli Ezzelini (Treviso), Northern Italy. The factory site hosts various blow extrusion lines suitable to meet all the requirements, from the pilot plant for R&D trials to the industrial production, single layer and co-extruded, up to 14m wide.

PATI® is widespread distributed in Europe and over thirty overseas countries.

A specialized plant in the heart of one of the most alive industrial area in the north of Italy, focused on the production of ball valve components made by fluorobased materials.
That’s one of the most recent Guarniflon acquisitions from 2015, perfectly tailored with the Group business scope, with a great experience in its own field started in 1987.

A solid industrial entity able to strength the Group market share in one of its historical field.

Advanced Screening Centers – ASC Italia is an innovative start-up that provides technical and clinical experience learnt in years of research at European Institute of Oncology (IEO) to the public with oversight by the same doctors that developed this advanced technology.
In this specialist Imaging Center, the Diffusion Whole Body examination is daily performed, an advanced, non-invasive magnetic resonance imaging exam that allows early diagnosis of cancer throughout the body for cancer prevention in healthy people.
Eight years of trials at the European Institute of Oncology in cooperation with other European medical centres, has seen the Diffusion Whole Body (DWB) Examination reconfigured and the scanner performance improved to satisfy clinical needs for non-invasive diagnosis.

ASC Italy is a social enterprise, whose mission is to promote the culture of oncological prevention: for this, the company has established that potential profits will be re-invested to expand the services with new technologies with the aim to reduce the examination cost, in a way that it can be available to an ever larger part of the population.

Maceplast Maceplast Maceplast
Maceplast Maceplast
The European distribution network of Guarniflon products. 5 companies located in the European key markets to grant an effective network presence, each company leaded by a local General Manager, with their own warehouses.
Maceplast network is made by:
The European distribution network of Guarniflon S.p.A. products. 5 companies located in the European key markets to grant an effective network presence, each company leaded by a local General Manager, with their own warehouses to stock and distribute.
Maceplast network is made by:
  • MACEPLAST GmbH – Germany
  • MACEPLAST S.A. – France
  • MACEPLAST UK LTD. – United Kingdom
Maceplast Maceplast Maceplast
Maceplast Maceplast

An high fashion brand including woman and men collections, designed and manufactured in Italy according to the latest fashion trends.



Industrial Plastics & Machine Inc. was established in 1979. Based upon a commitment to quality, integrity and outstanding customer service, the company has grown to be an American
national supplier of stock and custom molded PTFE products. These products are sold through a national network of distributors. Since 2004, IPM is fully owned by Guarniflon S.p.A. This investment made Guarniflon S.p.A. one of the largest worldwide manufacturers of PTFE semi-finished and machined components.

Guarniflon India Pvt. Ltd.

A sstrategic green field investment made by Guarniflon S.p.A. in 2007, to compete in the global market of PTFE commodities. Strategically located in the surrounding of Mumbay, Guarniflon India Pvt. Ltd. is nowadays supporting the full Guarniflon international network. Guarniflon India is subject to more investments in technologies to enlarge the product basket.