Our story
Since 1982

It was 1982 when Mr. Giuseppe Mazza decided to start-up a new Company, Guarniflon, located in the industrialized heart of North of Italy, offering, unmatchable business opportunities to new and successful entrepreneurs.
Innovating, investing, diversifying, staying focused his vision has always been a step ahead, and today, some 40 years’ later, not only the very first firm to become a worldwide leader but also now incorporates a number of new Companies in the 5 continents, all gathered under Mazza Holding organization.

The President

We are now in the transition period, moving from a first to second generation Company. It is exciting to be co-leading the Guarniflon Group of companies and preparing to become a successor whilst taking over leadership with the same enthusiasm, dedication and innovation of our pioneering forefather. The core investments he made, allowed the Company to position itself as an industry leader.

we grew up and we're now expanding….

Mazza Holding is nowadays fully integrated with the international community offering world class production, utilizing the most updated marketing, technological tools and management flair.

40 years'
  • 1982
    Guarniflon Spa - Set up of the very first company, Guarniflon Spa, targeted to enter the Italian domestic market with high performance plastic components;
  • Maceplast Germany - The expansion out of the Italian borders started with the first foreign branch, Maceplast Germany
  • 1997
    Maceplast France - The promising French market has been the second foreign project, Maceplast France was born
  • Maceplast UK - Only one year later the attention was turned to UK where the third foreign branch was set-up, Maceplast UK
  • 2000
    Maceplast RO - Going to the East European countries, to Romania, where the forth Maceplast company was founded in Bucarest
  • IPM - The big jump to USA by the acquisition of an existing plant, IPM
  • 2007
    Guarniflon India - The strategic investment in India to secure and boost PTFE commodities business
  • Flontech - Enlarging the raw material compounding capacity by the acquisition of Flontech
  • 2011
    Maceplast Spain - Putting down roots in Spain, Maceplast Spain was born
  • Nextflon - A start-up company at the beginning alongside the existing Guarniflon departments
  • 2015
    Maflon - The spin-off of Maflon, the fluorochemical specialist
  • Ghivi - Acquisition of Ghivi to expand the capacity of ball valve seats
  • 2016
    Mazza Holding - Setting up Mazza Holding to lead the Group of Italian and International Companies
  • PATI - Entering the fluorothermoplastic material films by the acquisition of the Italian company PATI
  • 2019
    Joint Venture China - Launching the new Joint-Venture project in China
  • Kit Solutions - Kit Solutions was born, the tailor of materials for aerospace composite applications
  • 2021
    Ghirlandi - Leading Italian PTFE and thermoplastics machining company
  • IPC Inc. - IPC Inc. is the newest Guarniflon venture in Canada, leverages more than 70 years of combined experience in producing finished and semi-finished products in PTFE.