People are the engine of growth for our companies, they are our strength and the main resource. We have always invested in the potential of our employees through the development and training of skills. We are looking for motivated, curious people who believe in teamwork and open to innovation.

We ask human resources for passion, honesty, proactivity and technical competence and we offer a dynamic and continuously developing environment in which to express oneself and improve one's professionalism and ability to work towards objectives.
Beside the existing and consolidated range of products, developed over the last 40 years, Mazza Holding is now focusing on new lines of high-tech materials for more specialised applications, such as aerospace, pharma, electronics, mobility, energy. To reach our ambitious targets and stand as world-class leader, Mazza Holding Srl has pursued an aggressive acquisition strategy as well as establishing new companies to improve market share in the different segments.

Passion is the driving force applied to all our new projects and activities, delivering continuous growth based on our knowhow and alignment of goals and targets. We learn through a combination of theoretical and experience based models to find new solutions to succeed.

We embrace new challenging projects, not only locally, but worldwide, either by ourselves or in partnership with our wider network. Exploring and exploiting new business opportunities to make the Group stronger and deep rooted in differing market sectors. Our performance is a direct result of our workforce, their achievements, competences and commitment. We like to acknowledge people’s merits and ensure they are valued to strengthen our culture.

A strong attention to all industrial processes to avoid any alteration of the environment: we like to think all our activities are originally coming from a natural product, the fluorine, productively processed into a wide range of different products. The full circle are patented proprietary processes to prevent any possible dispersion of dangerous elements in the environment, a never-ending innovation in new technologies with less impact in terms of energy consumption, the recycling of some materials that can come again to a second life.
Trust is an essential ingredient, having almost 600 people working for Mazza Holding is a remarkable achievement, our core values of having an engaged workforce creating job satisfaction are the essence of our identity. Integrity and confidentiality are key factors to our success which help create strong relationships with our customers, partners, suppliers and other third parties situated around the world.