Guarniflon Group


The largest European Company in the field of fluorobased materials processing, leading an international group of companies located in Europe, Asia and USA, utilizing the most updated marketing, technological tools and management flair.
Four laboratories, marketing, specialties production, warehouse and general services, all gathered in the Head Quarters located in the North of Italy.
A unique fully integrated process from the raw materials compounding to semifinished and machined products, according to the highest Quality standard such as UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.
Guarniflon® was established in 1982, enthusiasm, dedication and perseverance being the key factors which have allowed us to evolve to our present status of worldwide leader in our business field. Guarniflon® Spa nowadays means:
  • the Italian HQ’s located in one of the most industrialized area in Europe, focused to R&D, Quality and Customer Care, raw materials compounding and high tech product processing;
  • the European network with subsidiaries located in Germany, France, UK, Spain and Romania. Each single company run by local managers, with their own warehouses, semifinished stock and sales network to grant a widespread coverage in the relevant markets;
  • Overseas Companies in China, India and USA, all manufacturers;
  • a unique integrated supply chain: the compounding unit Flontech is preparing - according to Guarniflon® R&D – the PTFE rawe materials ready to be processed into semifinished and machined products at Guarniflon® HQ and other plants;
  • Technical and R&D support to Customers, coming from almost 40 years’ experience in processing PTFE and others fluorobased products.
FLONTECH® Division
Acquired in 2009, Flontech® rapidly became a strategic asset supporting the Group production activities with high quality raw materials. The investments allowed Flontech® to rise up to the highest standard both in quality and produc- tion efficiency.
PATI® Division
PATI is the division specialized in the production of thermoplastic films since 1962 and acquired by Guarniflon® S.p.a. on 2016. The products, some of which are patented, have wide applications in aerospace as well as in many industry sectors, at the highest technological level, according to the ISO 9001 certified quality system.
GHIVI s.r.l.
A specialised plant in the heart of one of the most active industrial areas in the north of Italy, focused on the production of ball valve components made by fluorobased materials. Being one of the most recent Guarniflon® acquisitions, perfectly tailored with the Group business scope, with a great experience in its own field founded in 1987. A solid industrial entity enabling the Group to strengthen the market share in its historical field.
One the most recent company investments, created in 2020, targeted to be- come the tailor for materials used in aerospace applications. According to customers’ specific technical requirements, Kit Solutions is able to assemble different kinds of materials and cut them in different shapes and sizes, offering a tailored service to all companies involved in the aerospace composite material processing field.
It is a Joint Venture between Guarniflon® SpA and Zhejiang Green New Materials Co.,Ltd. A synergy between a worldwide leader in PTFE and fluorinated copolymers based products and a company of the Juhua Group Co. Corporation, one of the largest advanced manufacturing bases of fluoro-chemicals in China, boasting a group of production bases in Zhejiang province’s Quzhou, Ningbo, Zhoushan, Zhuji and Jiangsu province.
The increasing demand for machined products inspired Guarniflon SpA to make a new investment in 2021 by acquiring Ghirlandi Maurizio Srl, a leading Italian PTFE and thermoplastics machining company, established in 1982 and located in the Northern part of Italy. For the past 15 years’ having worked in collaboration with Guarniflon has proved Ghirlandi’s potential in terms of technologies, flexibility and know-how in machining special plastic components in different kinds of materials, including PTFE.
A start-up company at the beginning, with a hunger for new technologies enabling them to process moulded tubes and rods, alongside the existing Guarniflon departments. The adopted most modern technologies used at Nexflon have showed the potentials in terms of volumes and quality, pushing the production efficiency to unexpected levels and offering a good reason to keep on investing following the same path.
For over 20 years Pagnoni srl has been dealing with the production of industrial gaskets and PTFE gaskets, used in a range of sectors. The company specializes in the production of parts for Ball valves seats, B-up Rings, O-rings and custom gaskets.
IPM INDUSTRIAL PLASTICS & MACHINE INC. Industrial Plastics & Machine Inc. was established in 1979. Based upon a commitment to quality, integrity and outstanding customer service, the company has grown to be an American national supplier of stock and custom molded PTFE products. These products are sold through a national network of distributors. Since 2004, IPM is fully owned by Guarniflon® S.p.A. This investment made Guarniflon® S.p.A. one of the largest worldwide manufacturers of PTFE semi-finished and machined components.
INDUSTRIAL PLASTICS (CANADA) INC. IPC Inc. (Industrial Plastics Canada), as part of the Guarniflon Group, leverages more than 70 years of combined experience in producing finished, semi-finished products in PTFE, custom molded rods, tubes, plate sheets, gaskets, and machined components. Born in 2022, IPC Inc. is the newest Guarniflon venture in Canada. IPC's state-of-the-art facility and outstanding team continue Guarniflon's commitment to quality, integrity, and outstanding customer service, focusing on the North American continent's customer needs.
GUARNIFLON INDIA PVT. LTD. A strategic green field investment made by Guarniflon® in 2007, to compete in the global market of PTFE commodities. Strategically located in the surrounding area of Mumbai, Guarniflon® India is today support- ing the full Guarniflon® international network. Guarniflon India is focused on additional invest- ment in technological advancement to enlarge its product portfolio.
Maceplast GmbH is the first company founded by Guarniflon® group in Europe in 1994 saw the Ger- man market potential for growth in the sale of PTFE. This led the group to create a Company able to provide more and more efficiently the local market with a wide range of high quality PTFE products. The qualified staff is able at all times to support the end customers and advise on the most appropriate choice for the type of application.
MACEPLAST-France SA, was created in 1997 in Chassieu (near Lyon), storing and distributing a wide variety of finished and semi-finished products based on PTFE or other technical plastics (FEP, PFA, PEEK ...).
A strategic investment focused on a single product line to boost the market penetration with high quality compression and isostatic moulded tubes and rods. Thanks to a recent, strong renovation in technologies and operating systems linked directly with the HQ’s in Italy, Maceplast Romania is able to support direct- ly key customers worldwide, optimizing the logistic chain in a “cost-saving” environment.
The youngest of the Maceplast companies, set-up in 2011 in Barcelona to service the Spanish market. Structured like the previous, successful Maceplast projects, with local managers and a warehouse to stock standard products. Maceplast Spain is considered a benchmark for PTFE products in the local market.
Established in 1998, Maceplast UK has enjoyed con- tinuous growth and has attained a leading market position thanks to its Quality Assurance Systems, in- tegrity and outstanding customer service, achieved only through the commitment of its personnel and extensive resources of the Guarniflon® Group.

Maflon group


MAFLON® was founded in 1996 thanks to a research project developed together with the Fluorine Chem- istry Laboratory of Padua University. A research pro- ject has been focused, since the very beginning, on the fluorinated products and their applications. MAFLON® has the appropriate coating solution for surfac- es such as leather, textile, stone, tile, wood, providing a durable and transparent treatment while creating a high- ly effective protective barrier against different agents as oils, water, coffee, food products and beverages.

MAFLON® produces also a wide range of fluorinated sur- face active agents to give excellent wetting, spreading and levelling properties in coating, cleaners, waxes sys- tems. Fluorosurfactants may be also used in polishes, inks, adhesives and in all applications where surface tension is a fundamental parameter to determine the performance of the final products.

Today MAFLON® includes a research team that closely co- operates with some of the most important Universities specialized in Fluorine Chemistry. All the R&D activities are developed in the laboratories located in the Head- quarters in Northern Italy.
MAPLUS® Division

From the passion for skiing and mastery of the fluorine chemistry, Maplus®, a Maflon® division specialized in ski waxes and technical accessories for ski preparation, was born in 1997. Fluorine and its properties are the heart of the research and development of Maflon®, a dynamic and innovative company specialized in the production of high-tech fluorinated products. Thanks to the synergies with the in- dustrial chemical research of Maflon®, in just twenty years, braving more long-lived competitors out, Maplus® has managed to reach a leading position in high-level competitions.

Other companies

Advanced Screening Centers – ASC Italia is an innovative clinic that provides technical and clinical experience learnt in years of research at European Institute of Oncology (IEO) to the public with oversight by the same doctors that developed this advanced technology.
In this specialist Imaging Center, the Diffusion Whole Body examination is daily performed, an advanced, non-invasive magnetic resonance imaging exam that allows early diagnosis of cancer throughout the body for cancer prevention in healthy people.
The Real Estate Company of the Group set-up in 2013 to manage and develop the Group estate.

Merged with the existing Group financial and accounting resources, Mazza R.E. is leading not only the Group properties located in the Italian territory, but also the Group properties located in Europe, Far East and USA.
by TWINENGINE s.r.l.
An high fashion brand including woman and men collections, designed and manufactured in Italy according to the latest fashion trends.

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